Value Changing

Pretty sure that I said this recently, but I'm trying to allow the user to do as much as possible without having to rely on MMF2. One way I thought to improve that was to allow for complete value and physics changes straight from the engine itself.

So in the pause menu, I implemented a secondary menu that gives you the ability to that. Of course, as of now it's extremely limited but overtime it should get better. Obvious things are there like gravity and movement speed, but I'm going to add some fairly unique ones eventually. One idea I had was to be able to set the charged buster to X1, X2, or X3 style. You can also modify armor abilities with this, but again, it's really limited.

To lower any confusion, any default values will be in blue. Any changed value will be in white. As of now, you have to change values everytime you restart the engine, but I plan to make it so that it can be saved as a default for that level.

From a general point of view, this might seem a bit useless. And if you're just here to play it, then it is. But let me give random two examples of why something like this could be useful. Let's say you wanted to make an.. err.. space themed level. And you wanted to make the gravity there lower than the other stages. This would be the easy way to do that. Another, more probably example would be if you wanted to build a similar but different engine entirely, like a 32-bit X Engine. Though honestly, as it is now, it's not possible to do that, but eventually, yeah.

Other than that, I've been trying to work on optimizing the lasers I mentioned in my "Changes in Build 036: Part 2". Although I referred to them as "Quickman" lasers, they're more like X5's. I redid them from scratch and they are a tiny tad better, but not by much. The thing is, in Mega Man 2, the lasers are only active per screen, and deactivate when you enter the next one. But due to the scrolling nature of Mega Man X, that's not likely. I could be just thinking too hard on it, I'll give it a break for now and come back to it later.

That's pretty much all I did for this week. I picked up Dark Souls over the weekend and I'm getting addicted to it, so I have no idea how much work I'm going to get done on this... >.<


  1. Awesome. Is the engine still planned for open-source for more advanced users?

  2. Yes, it is. I realize not everyone has MMF2, I still want to make it usable to them if I can. But if you already have it, then you're free to do whatever you like, without any limits.

  3. let's see:

    -changing values makes them the general values? or only for each level? or you can chose? would be nice if you can chose

    -you can actually change the screen size? (i ain't talking about resolution)

    -actually, mmx5 lasers disappears when you scroll down (or at least if you die)
    what is about making 2 type of lasers? the first one dissapears when you scroll down, the second one didn't, in that way, you can put 2 type lasers on important areas (like start and end of the lasers areas)

    -dark souls looks like shadow of the colossus, i think is a good game, or maybe is shitty has god of war

    btw, im still working on that zero sprite sheet (making special powers, i only need to put the accurate colors) i think i'll send it to you tomorrow or today, talking of this...

    -how hard is implement a new character at this point?

    anyway, see you later

  4. I only planned to make them for each level, but theres nothing stopping you from copying & pasting those values into any/all levels if you wanted to.

    No, sorry you can't change the screen size. That would incur a bunch of problems at the moment, but I'll look into it.

    I've done no experimenting with X5, so I really have no idea. Is there any invincibility cheats (Action Replay or whatever)? If so, when I get time I'll try scrolling upwards after the lasers activate to see what happens. Or if someone can do that for me, I'd really appreciate it.

    Dark Souls is really nothing like neither of those games, but it's amazing nonetheless.

    And for your last comment. It would be pretty difficult to add in a new character, but that's all my fault. I build the whole thing with X in mind, even though I knew I would be adding Zero at some point. A lot of things would need to be reworked before I can do that.

  5. This is a great progress,
    will it be open source?
    if so, where can I get a small open source file?
    if yes or no, thanks

  6. just an idea for your laser's, could you code them so that they deactivate once x is so far away from them? I don't really know how useful that is or not

    also will you be adding ride chasers in addition to ride armours? and what about the something like x5 - Duff Mcwhalen's stage where your chased/fighting the warship? or exploding cargo trucks in crescent grizzly's stage?

    I ask because I would love to have a go at making a 16bit X5.

  7. That's the way I have the lasers now, but it's difficult to know what exactly "far away" is. I have another idea that I want to try (similar to chibisaw's idea of making two types), so I'll get back to you on that.

    Ride Chasers and Ride Armors will be implemented eventually, but I cannot say when yet.

    Scrolling levels like McWhalen is not possible yet, but should be soon. I'm not completely sure what you mean by "exploding cargo trucks" though, could you explain it a bit more?

  8. well I'm not sure if you'd call it a level gimmick or not but; X5-Grizzly slash's stage, you start on cargo trucks, making your way to the front to jump to the next one. One of the trucks is damaged and you have a timer to get to the front end and get clear before it explodes