Changes in Build 036: Part 2

Hey folks, back again. Keeping this one really short, so let's roll into it.

This time I'll talk about implemented level features and gimmicks.

As I've likely mentioned before in a YouTube comment or two, I'm trying to implement as much foundation as I can for building a Mega Man X fan game. X games are divided into stages, and as obvious as this is, enemies are not the only obstacle you must past. Sometimes you have to battle against the stage itself.

At the time of my last video, there was only about 6 level gimmicks implemented in the engine. Currently, that number has risen to 25 including classic nightmares such as Yoku Blocks and Quickman Lasers. All of these can be easily placed and altered in any real level. Unfortunately, there's nothing much else I can say on the subject. Words and screenshots can only convey so much, so most of these I'll show in a video when I get around to doing that.

Not everything is fine and dandy unfortunately. I've admittedly been having some issues with the Mine Carts and Quickman Lasers. The carts require a lot of position checks that really bogs down the computer. Having two carts moving at once is pretty much impossible at this point. I've thought of using sensors as a replacement, but that overcomplicates things and makes level building that much harder. The lasers also gives performance problems when theres a lot of them active at once.

I haven't spent as much time as I wanted to trying to fix those issues yet, so I can't say if they're permanent or not for now. They still work properly when used sparingly, so that's enough for me right now. I have other things I want to focus on before I try tackling those problems.

Anyway, that's pretty much it for now. Sometime next week, I'll do one final post on the changes in Build 036. Take care til then.


  1. pretty thought.
    i like all those level gimmicks.
    a few questions:
    >magna centipede light alarms are in?
    >boomer kuwanger lasers are in?
    >boomer kuwanger elevator are in?
    >special breakeable blocks whit special weapons are in?
    >changes when maverick is defeated are in?
    >wire sponge climatic changes (sun, rain) are in?
    >overdrive ostrich sandstorm is going are in?
    >breakeable floor is in? (like x1 intro stage floor)
    >tunnel rhino mud are in?
    >tunnel rhino falling stones are in?
    >volt catfish lasers are in?
    >neon tiger dragonflies are in?
    >vile junk factory falling junk is in?
    >vile junk factory elevator is in?
    >vile junk factory death when the time goes out is in?
    >vile/magna centipede falling blocks are in?
    >dr doppler falling spikes are in?
    >dr doppler stage 3 (when you fight the mavericks) energy capsule are in?

    and i think those are all the x1-x3 gimmicks i want, it would be nice if you implement them.
    lastly, is zero going to be there? (i think i send to you a zero sprite sheet, i have update it, if you want it please tell me, i give it to you) is there any save function implemented? maybe a password fuction?

    has ever, sorry for my bad english

  2. btw, are you going to implement x4 to x8 gimmicks?
    burn rooster falling platforms, gravity antonion side exchanger button and bamboo pandamonium spike conveyor platforms from mmx8
    rainy turtloid acid rain and shield sheldon bounce lasers from mmx6
    those would be awesome

  3. I haven't played through X6 - X8 in awhile, so I actually don't remember most of the level gimmicks in those games.

    As for what you listed, some of those actually are already in the engine. And some you can make easily by tweaking some of the pre-implemented stuff (Neon Tiger Dragonflies for example, are just destructible platforms). A lot of those I do not have yet though, thanks a ton for your suggestions.

    As for Zero, he will be in the engine, but not anytime soon. I'll be happy to take a look at your sheet if you'd like.

  4. Weird, I didnt get an email notification yet again =(

    The screenshots look great! Didn't see some of the stages in 037.. were they taken out?

  5. Pretty sure I didn't remove any of those. Maybe moved around, but not removed.

  6. are you gonna make bosses? dont know, like chill penguin to showing the boss ai?

  7. Eventually, but I'm holding out on that until I figure out a good way to have user scripted bosses.

  8. hi, I've been following your project for a while and see you have made lots of progress. keep up the good work.