Multimedia Fusion 2 on Steam!

If you're a Steam user like myself, you might already know about Steam Greenlight. If you're not familiar with it, basically users vote on games and software (usually indie developed) to be added to the Steam library for purchase.

If possible, you guys should support Clickteam and Multimedia Fusion 2 and help get it on Steam. If the application is greenlit, Clickteam is thinking of possibly changing the pricing, so if you think MMF2 is too expensive, then I suggest you take this opportunity and vote. =)

A bit of a postpone

This is in regard to the next test build. I've mentioned this already, but I do appreciate the help and support I've been getting the last couple weeks. I've been hard at work addressing the issues and suggestions received and the next build is pretty much already done.


While I have spent a great deal of time making numerous internal changes, they do not quite show in the perspective of the player. The last test build (Build 039) was already quite barebone, 040 is not very different. Because of that, I've decided not to release Build 040 and instead ask that you wait for 041.

If all goes well, Build 041 should have enemy and/or boss systems in place. The engine is nearing completion so I will not be making a habit out this.