Background and Music Options

It's been a very slow month for me thus far. I had planned to implement atleast one of these by the beginning of week, but I unfortunately got through neither. Regardless, I will still discuss what I have planned so far. Since these two things have not been fully implemented, the images posted are only mockups. However they do fully show what the final implementation will generally look like.

Object Parameters

Hello again everyone. I finally got my Internet back, so I should be picking back up on things. Then again, finals are starting and I've been really focused on that.

Anyway, Parameters are something I brought up in a previous post. Unfortunately there weren't working exactly as intended it, so I ended up removing it from the first build of the level editor. It's been reworked and seems to be working correctly now. Even though I briefly talked about it before, I want to go into greater detail of how important parameters are.