Rewritting Tile Bytes

For the most part, I mainly focused this week on bug fixing. There's still a lot I need to take care of but I'm hoping to get most of them out of the way by the end of the week. But that's not anything interesting to discuss so I'll skip that.

One of the other things I tried to add was background tiling through objects. It might be a bit difficult to explain what that is, but I'll try.

Using Mega Man X as an example, in the introduction level, there are points where the ground breaks apart beneath your feet. When that happens, the tile byte that was previously there is overwritten, and a new tile goes in it's place. It really serves no gameplay purpose, but it makes the background look a lot more dynamic. Of course, rewriting bytes at runtime is not something you can do from the editor itself, so I gave a few objects the feature to leave specified tiles on activation.

Click for larger image. Just tiny examples of what this is used for.

So far, that works just fine, but it requires that you reserve space on the limited tile sheet, which may potentially cause problems later. The obvious solution is to just increase amount of tiles you can have, but that'll increase both save and load times, something I want to avoid. I'll likely just leave it as is for now.

A short post, but that's all I got for now. I've been a bit sick lately, so I don't think I'll be doing or posting anything next week. Though before I end this, I want to request that if anyone is pretty good at spriting and willing to help out with this project, please contact me. As always, if you have any comments or criticism, please feel free to post.


  1. at this moment im a bit bussy (you know, that zero sprite sheet, i have finished it yet and is only a recolor...)
    waiting for those images

  2. Bug fixing is part of the progress. Hope you get well soon.

  3. I am willing to help out with this project. I'm an artist and I'm pretty good at spriting. What do you need to be done?

  4. Ah wow, I'm stupid. I say to contact me without giving any real way to actually contact me @_@.

    Anyway, you can message me by e-mail or on MSN/WLM, those are located on my Blogger profile. Or you can get me on my YouTube at 'GameDragon2k'.

    If you have any examples of your work, please show them to me as you message.

    Thanks again.

  5. I used youtube since I am already subscribed to your channel. I have uploaded a video showcasing a little bit of what I am capable of. I sent the video to you via a message.

  6. hey crono, can i have a link too? im a gossip bitch

  7. Hey,
    well I dont know if you're aware but I'm lurking around here alot these times,
    I kind of want to help in but I don't realy know what can I do for you guys :0
    -I use MMF2dev aswell
    -I'm not good at sprting animations but I will try to make some samples if possible
    -might find some useful ressources aswel
    and as always, keep it up
    PS:does the level editor use arrays or binary data?