Importing Objects

Sup all,

As the X Editor is now, all objects (this includes things like platforms, doors, boxes, or whatever; basically anything you can interact with in someway) can only be selected from a pre-implemented set of resources. Obviously, this is a big issue when creating creative and personal levels. For the last few weeks, I've been trying to remedy that.

If you own Multimedia Fusion 2, this isn't that big of a deal, as MMF2 is quite simple and easy to create objects with. Though, I've said this before, my goal for the X Editor is to be able to fully recreate levels from the X games, or at least to the best of my abilities. So it was pretty inevitable I'd add this.

WIP screen for importing images for new objects.

Right now, this isn't fully implemented, so a lot of what I say or show is mostly conceptual, but I'll explain anyway. Basically, is order for this to work properly, I need to allocate Active Object frames in MMF2. As far as I know, there is no way to actually add frames at runtime and because of this, there will unfortunately have to be a limit to how many objects you can add. As of now, you can create 4 similar objects, with one collision mask, a maximum of 8 animation frames, among 2 layers per object. That's 72 possible images you can import. For now, I feel that's quite adequate but I may lower or raise that amount depending on how the next performance testing goes. The images are held in an array file and loaded at the start of a level.

The collision mask is the most important part as there are plenty of objects in Mega Man X who's collision box does not match the shape of the object. With this method, there shouldn't be any trouble. An example of this would be the elevator-like platform shown below. The actual object is much larger than the collision box for it. Of course with a collision mask, you're not limited to boxes or rectangles, but can create more dynamic shapes if you'd like.

Admittedly, it's not all that intuitive and it's probably easier to add objects through MMF2. But this is the best I could come up with due to limitations and it works pretty well in my opinion (or at least I think it does; as I've said, it's not fully implemented yet). Right now, most objects you add can only be static and really have no function, but eventually I will add scripts and parameters that will let you customize that object to your liking. Of course that means I can add those metal igloo thingies to Chill Penguin's level, but they currently wouldn't be able to spawn enemies or be destroyed.

... metal igloos? What exactly are these things? I have no idea.
I'd love it if someone could tell me.

Speaking of, I thank the lot of you that took the time to comment and message me about the X Engine test build. Every single tiny bit of criticism helps me tremendously so I really appreciate the extra effort some of you guys gave. When this importer feature is complete and working, I will upload the next update to the testing build. If you haven't already, subscribe by email and become a follower to be notified when the next build is uploaded.

Once again, thank you all. As always, if you have comments or suggestions, go ahead and launch them at me in the comment box below. Til next time folks.


  1. I wich I knew how to use MMF2.

    And I haven't understood well, will the game be "open source"? That might not be the concept have in mind, I think my "open source" is not the same concept as yours; will the people be able to make levels?

    1. There's only one definition of open source as far as I know. When it's done, the source files will be released.

      That said, for your question, the source being released or not doesn't matter. You can already create your own levels. That is the point of this.

  2. Those metal igloo thingies are DFP's(Defensive Fighting Positions) It's like a bunker for troops to help them protect a base, or a landing strip, or hold a position of any kind really. I would recognize those anywhere, we built them out of sandbags in the military. Also, fyi if you wait at one in MMX, it spits out a flying enemy that is pretty fast, but easy to kill. I rarely see them though, because of how the fire weapon blows them up.

    1. Bunkers, eh. That does make a lot more sense than igloos considering the level is a missile base. Thanks a lot turianx9.

      Also, I know about the enemies, I even brought it up in this post. ^^

  3. Meh, why did you guys tell him? I would love to have him stop at metal igloos =)