Starting Public Testing

This might get a bit lengthy...

Due to me having slown down dramatically, I have been unable to follow up with a lot of my testers and have lost quite a few of them. I've decided that the privacy curtains on this project need to be lifted, so that testing can no longer be bounded by the thing I'm so very lacking; Time.

I'll explain the current engine build and what I'm looking out of everyone. The number one thing I was hoping to achieve with the X Engine, was not "outstanding and fresh gameplay", or "the best MMX fan game ever" or anything like that. It was accuracy. I felt that if I could not accurately recreate the classic Mega Man X games, then the project was not worth doing. I have not reached that point yet, but I am still striving for that goal. My second objective was trying to make it as easy to use as possibly could, and for that I started on the X Editor to be used side-by-side with the X Engine. While it is not completely "dummy proof", as there is some unavoidable complexity, I do believe I have streamlined some things to make developing easier, especially when taking MMF2's cumbersome Frame Editor into consideration.

So I decided to challenge both myself and the engine and do a level from the X games. And for that I chose Chill Penguin's level. A very simple level, especially when you remove the enemies. I originally wanted to do Crystal Snail's level, but I found it was much too difficult to rip those tiles. It does work out bit better however, as Chill Penguin's level contains no level gimmicks and is mostly straightforward; perfect for baseline testing. You may be thinking that just copying and pasting a level made by Capcom is no big deal. And it isn't. However, nearly everything in this build of the engine was created outside of MMF2, using just the X Editor. Everything is completely external, making the possibilities a lot more dynamic and more importantly, accessible to those without MMF2.

So for the test itself. This level is in it's most basic form. There are no bosses, no enemies, no stage hazards, or anything of the sort. While these things are possible currently (I've even shown all of it in prior YouTube videos), they are not properly coded to utilize the X Editor and so they create a lot of performance issues. I will unfortunately need to redo a lot of it from scratch. But I will be periodically updating this level, adding more obstacles and enemies, until it's as close to the original as I can possibly make it. I know that makes it very boring, but understand this is for the sake of improvement.

If you're still interested in testing, I'd like you to give it a try. Play around with it a bit. Report on if the FPS is steady or not, and what kind of processor your computer is running. You can get it here.

If you have anything at all to share, please feel free to comment down below. Thanks a lot.

EDIT: I should also mention this is NOT the demo I've been promising. Things were turning out far too unstable, more reason this needs testing before that can happen.


  1. Hey, I just heard about your project, I think is great! And, actually, I want to help you, but I don't know anything about the stuff that goes behind the game (engine, progamming, etc), but I'd love to test it and help you.

    I only have two questions:

    - Where do I send you the report after testing it?
    - What else can I do to help you?

    1. You can post anything you find as a comment here:

      Be sure to read everything before you decide to post.
      As for what else you can do. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions, whatever they may be.