Unfortunate Hold Ups

How was everyone's Thanksgiving last week? Nommin' down those avians!

This post is going to be mostly short and personal. Just a bit of warning if you really don't care.

I've already mentioned before things might be going a bit slow while testing is still ongoing. But seems it might go even slower than I expected for personal reasons. Money has been a real issue for me and my family and we lost our phone and internet connection last Wednesday and nearly lost the entire apartment. I wouldn't really mind having no internet, if it didn't inhibit my work. See, I generally spend most of my time in school, that's where I do all my work, either through remote desktop (if available) or Logmein. Of course, with no connection on my desktop, those are impossible to do. As such, there hasn't been much done on the engine, and it will unfortunately stay that way for about 1.5 - 2 weeks. I can only really sit down and work on the weekends, but even then I can only do so much.

Anyway, that's enough of that. Bug fixing is really the only thing I'm focused on at the moment. I'm quite happy with the results of the testing, there's been around 30 or so bug reports so far, the amount I expected. I only got about 10 of them fixed, but I'll keep working on it of course.

Unfortunately that's about all I have to report for this week. Depending on how my situation goes, I may or may not do a post next week.

For the regulars here, a bit of a survey. I'm wondering, how many of you here are planning to use the X Engine for your own personal projects? If so and if you don't mind sharing, what kind of ideas are you planning?


  1. hope your situation gets better dude.
    keep strong as ever!

  2. I've been planning an X game for quite a while now, so I'm looking forward to using the X engine whenever it finishes; even sometime in the future. I've worked on more than 30 songs for the soundtrack, so I'm willing to be patient on this project. Do what you gotta do man. Thanks for even working on this to share with other people.

  3. That's pretty amazing Psychosis. I wish you good luck on your project when the time comes!

  4. Life can really suck some times I woudln't let the project worry me to much though if I were you. Putting it on hold for a while is understandable priorties come first, stay up man.